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Kochi Literature Festival 2018

We are now in an era of story yelling instead of story telling; we are enveloped by an illusion that the latest and the loudest are the most significant and most deserving of our attention. We are always bombarded with the bits of disjointed information, devoid of the sensemaking context. There is a gaping rift between wisdom and information. Transmuting information, whether objective fact or subjective experience, into wisdom, is the job of the story teller.

Kochi Literature Festival (KLF) attempts to present the taciturn story teller, the teacher and the enchanter, out from the subterrane of their fertile solitude- blurring the dividing, distancing lines and erudite fragmentations.

Kochi Lit Fest welcomes lovers of literature, authors, students, teachers, academicians, publishers and book sellers for three days engagement with the best literary minds.